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 At the start of 2001 we unveiled the most incredibly simple staking system that has produced consistent profits for many years for it's inventor Joe Jackson. We called this system the "Steady Drip" after one of Jackson's favourite sayings and ideas that the "steady drip of profit always filled the bucket".

We made a valiant effort to carry this principle to thousands of our friends through our mailing list, but found the practical aspect of dealing with so many people spread across vast time differences a huge drain on our resources.

Our intention was always to provide the method as a tool in itself, but found ourselves dragged into a tipping service scenario that became a terrible pain in the rear-end to maintain, and not the direction in which we intended to move.

Quietly allowing the drip campaign to slip away, even though it was in profit, brought us masses of criticism that stung our pride to the extent that we decided to let the results do the talking. 

Simply put, following our selections will result in a pot of gold of £37,000 from a starting bank of £1000 in a year or less. No arguments, no debate, pass the wheelbarrow. The results are here for your examination. We do not ask that you accept anything, but this is simply where our money is going on a daily basis.

We shall now publish future selections here on the website around 1pm every day, and you can judge for yourself whether or not we are as good as we already know that we are. Our selection procedures will remain a closely guarded secret, but the staking method which can be applied to any sport is freely available.

We ask for nothing in return, and expect nothing more than the sharing of information at the Punters Forum in the usual manner. You will never find another system like this anywhere in the world of sports betting and we strongly recommend that you take the time to closely examine our results.

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Today's selections can be seen here

A = 10% stake
B = 5% stake
C = 2½% stake
S = 1% stake

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