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How to Complain to a Bookmaker

Every single gambler who has ever placed a bet with an online bookie has at some point had reason to complain about some aspect of the service received. 

Whether or not the complaint was justified, the response from the bookie is often determined by the manner in which it was presented in the first place.

Today we examine a few do's and don'ts on how to get a speedy and satisfactory resolution to any problems that arise whilst conducting business online.

Email makes it easy to communicate with anyone online, and the speed of delivery and easy accessibility has it's benefits as well as it's drawbacks.

Here at BB we are used to receiving hundreds of emails every day, yet still we are surprised and often dismayed at the lack of common courtesy that is sometimes displayed.

Mail written like this c an be extreeemly annoying and differcult to reed - and bookies employees often reason that if the author can't be bothered to take a little care and attention why should they do so in their replies?

"Oi you w*nker" is indeed an attention grabber, but it's hardly likely to encourage a customer services worker to enthusiastically attempt to try and solve a problem with a betting account.

Likewise, yelling "your prices f*cking stink" probably won't generate much sympathy whether or not it's true, and generally speaking swearing produces nothing more than contempt and bad feeling before the problem is even tackled.

What we should try and remember is that the vast majority of people dealing with email and phone calls at online bookmakers are simply ordinary people doing a job, and have no real vested interest other than to be seen to be doing a good job by their immediate bosses. They are not there to try and "stiff" punters.

Remaining polite, yet firm, is always the best way to get a satisfactory response.

Keeping all emails to and from a bookmaker is an excellent idea that can save a lot of time with an ongoing query, and can also help to identify those bookies employees who seem most sympathetic and understanding in dealing with problems.


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Enclosing past correspondence is also a sensible course of action that helps bring up to speed a customer services dude who perhaps isn't familiar with previous messages.

Overall we believe that remembering we are dealing with people and not faceless machines is the best course of action, but also remaining unmoved by techno-babble and feeble excuses for poor service.

Finally, despite all the good solid advice above we heartily recommend that you email your bookie following a splendid winning bet with these words......

Greetings Mug, you have been plundered by a member of BookieBusters!


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