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This scam only worked on greyhound racing, required nerves of steel, and rarely succeeded more than once in any bookies shop. 

The object of this little fiddle was to aquire a legally timed betting slip without parting with any cash until the chosen hound looked like it was unbeatable therefore guaranteeing a profit. 

Impossible? Read on friends.

Picture the scene. A busy betting shop, a harassed counter assistant, the bell rings, the hare is running, and the traditional last gasp lunge to the counter by the punting faithful adds to the sense of urgency.

Our intrepid hero, ………erm, Fred, times his sting with atomic clock precision and pushes over his slip just before the traps open and the dogs spring out after the hare. The assistant looks up to see Fred with a healthy wedge of dough which will obviously cover his £100 win wager, and quickly rings up the betting slip through the timing mechanism.

Phase one complete. Fred has a legal bet and all that he has to do to complete the transaction is hand over his loot. There's no danger of that happening yet. 

With remarkably timed precision Fred develops a clumsy disposition and drops his money at his feet. A feigned look of pained embarrassment creases his face and a mumbled apology is directed at the long suffering counter assistant as our man stoops to retrieve the cash. 

As we all know, greyhound races don’t last long and this is the essence of the scam. Fred delays scooping up the dough just long enough until it looks like his chosen mutt will scarper over the winning line first. 

Literally throwing the money through the window he grunts “you count it please”, collects the slip and saunters to the payout window moments later before the staff have a chance to realise they have been stiffed.

What happens if the chosen dog looks like it will lose? That’s easy. Fred scoops up his money and beats a hasty retreat from the premises, often to the sound of anguished yelling from the poor sod behind the counter who now has a valid losing betting slip without the money in the cash register to back it up. 

True ? You betcha, but of course I don’t know Fred and I strongly suggest that you never attempt this yourself.  



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