The Grand National - Your Guide to the World's Most Famous Steeplechase

This coming weekend, thousands of people from across the UK and beyond will head to the bookies to place a bet on the Grand National, the biggest and most profitable horse racing event not only in the country, but quite possibly the world..

An annual tradition dating back all the way to the first event in 1839 (when it was known simply as the Grand Liverpool Steeplechase) the ĎNational has grown over the centuries to become Britainís premier sporting event, eclipsing even major occasions like the FA Cup Final and the Wimbledon Tennis championships when it comes to outright popularity right across the board.

Indeed, the yearly steeplechase regularly proves a hit with folks from all backgrounds and all walks of life, all thanks in no small part to the colourful jerseys of the jockeys, memorable, often witty names of the horses themselves, and, of course, the adrenaline and excitement as said horses tackle the raceís challenging 4 mile, 514 yards..

Biggest Audience Ever Expected for 2017

This year, even more people than ever before are expected to tune in and indulge in some Grand National betting, with many pundits predicting that this yearís race will be the most-watched horse racing event in decades.

The estimated increase in viewership during 2017 is said to come as the event enjoys its first broadcast live on ITV, the United Kingdomís largest commercial broadcaster, following several years at the channelís terrestrial rival, Channel 4, and, before that, a long tradition of being shown live on the BBC.

That however, isnít the only reason that this yearís event is set to be the biggest event yet. With more platforms available than ever before, you can bet on Grand National horse race at UK bookie William Hill in person at a high street bookmakers, live at the event itself, or online via laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

Record Breaking Jackpot Payouts

When you do, youíll be joining scores of people in making the Grand National a £250 million market for bookies, with top winners raking in literally thousands in payouts.

At the time, this huge jackpot was said to be the biggest payout to one person at a single grand national ever. Just a few years later however, that total was eclipsed by another man who bet a truly eye watering £100 grand on Paul Nichols' Big Buck's to triumph on the first day of the Grand National Festival

When it did so at odds of 5/1, the unnamed punter walked away with no less than half a million pounds, a record which, five years later, still hasn't been beaten.

Odds on Favourites

With an impressive array of runners lining up to take home this year's prize, the race is anyone's for the taking, meaning punters will definitely have to be on the ball if they're to get their money behind a winner

For some, it might be another Paul Nicholls trained horse, Vicente, who enjoys the spotlight this year.

With latest Grand National betting odds placing him at 25/1, Vicente may not seem like an obvious pick, but with a strong showing in long-distance events throughout 2016, the horse certainly seems cut out for an event of this calibre.

Elsewhere, the likes of Vieux Lion Rouge and Cause of Causes are currently tipped as favourites at 10/1 and 14/1 respectively, though don't be surprised if it's a relative unknown who steals the show in 2017.

If you haven't yet placed your Grand National bets, there's still time to do so. The event itself takes place on Saturday, April 8th at 5.15pm.

The race will be broadcast live on ITV in the UK, and on select broadcasters across the world.


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